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THOMAS GOULD, New England Nerd

Major: Humanities

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2020

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Studies art, the constitution, and the classics.

Enthused about movies, musicals, and history.

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”
– Oscar Wilde

Past Classes

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A3288: Film Homage in Splash Fall 2018 (Oct. 27, 2018)
Film is a mode of art and entertainment that is incredibly self-referential. In this course we will explore some film tropes and their origins, and we will see how early film-effects are hidden in modern-day movies in plain sight. Course will reference famous directors including Hitchcock, Kubrick, Spielberg, Coppola, etc. SOME SPOILERS

A3292: Traditional Modern Painters in Splash Fall 2018 (Oct. 27, 2018)
A survey of lesser known, modern-day fine artists, and the cutting edge they are contributing to their field. Most importantly, these artists show that art can be new and exciting without resorting to abstractions, minimalism, brutalism, or any of the other cheap devices of the avant-garde. This does not purport to be an exhaustive or complete review by any means. But if you are interested in art and you like traditional paintings, you may find the scope interesting. A disillusionment with reductionist Modern, Post-Modern, or Contemporary aesthetic philosophy will be helpful but is not required. Warning: artistic works often contain depictions that are evocative of strong emotion. This can include violence, gore, or the naked human body.

A2938: Mad Painters in Splash Fall 17 (Nov. 11, 2017)
Goya, Gogh, and Gauguin.

A2710: Engineering Evolution: An Architecture Lecture in Splash Spring 17 (Apr. 08, 2017)
Taking a closer look at basic building blocks (figurative and literal) that changed medieval and ancient art and architecture. Includes a glimpse at Greek temples, a review of Roman construction, a glance at Gothic Northern Europe, and the basic building tenets that have affected tenants throughout the centuries.

C2119: Classical Compositions in American Artwork in Sprout Fall 16 (Oct. 01 - 15, 2016)
Background in introductory classical art composition and examination of American painters Winslow Homer, N.C Wyeth, and Norman Rockwell

A1970: Classical Compositions in American Art in Splash Spring 16 (Apr. 02, 2016)
An introduction to and historical review of art compositions, and how the rules and techniques are relevant to the works of American artists Winslow Homer, N.C. Wyeth, and Norman Rockwell.