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Other Splash / ESP Programs This Spring


MIT Spark
Amherst Splash
Northeastern Neptun
Princeton Splash
Columbia Splash
Marist Splash
NJIT Splash


Chicago Splash
Northwestern Splash


University of Maryland Baltimore County Splash
Hopkins Splash


Southwestern Splash
Rice Splash


Stanford Splash for 7-12th grades
UC Merced Splash
Claremont Splash
Granite Hills S.T.I.N.G.


Oxford Splash ages 14+

For Students

Math mornings at Yale

Socratic is an online math and science community where students of all levels collaborate through questions, answers, and videos to make learning easier. Learn, practice, and share your knowledge in subjects you love!

For Teachers

The U.S. Grant Foundation

About: Since 1953, the U.S. Grant Foundation has provided exceptional summer academic enrichment programs for New Haven Public Schools middle school students. The program gives nine Yale undergraduates the chance to teach creative, self-developed courses and local students the chance to expand their academic horizons beyond the classroom.

Who Should Apply: Ideal candidates should be passionate about education, invested in the New Haven community, and good with children. Prior teaching experience is not necessary, but a large bonus. All candidates must be prepared to teach a six-week long core course as well as two electives that they have developed.

Compensation: $3,300 over the course of the summer. For More Information: Visit http://campuspress.yale.edu/usgrant/ or email usgrantdirectors@gmail.com.

Teach For America – All children in this country deserve an education that gives them the opportunity to realize their fullest potential. By becoming a part of the Teach For America corps, you join remarkable people—a network of corps members and alumni that is 50,000 strong—from all backgrounds and professions who rise to the challenge to do what is right for kids.

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