Splash at Yale Team


Jason This section is in the works, just like the Splash retreat!

Julian This section is in the works, just like the Splash retreat!


Daniel is a second-year in Berkeley College studying Classics. He miraculously conquered the beast known as the Splash website and is now effectively the flesh and blood of this organization. Like how Atlas holds up the Sky, Daniel is the only person keeping this ship afloat and will be a Splash role model for generations to come. In his daily life, Daniel loves camping out at any coffee shop in New Haven and taking the worst BeReals known to man in the depths of the Sterling Memorial Library stacks.

Splash at Yale co-director

is a second-year in Davenport College studying History, specifically seeking a certificate in Education Studies. After scraping every single school email from several states in the Northeast to beg principals and PTA presidents to spread the word for Splash, she hopes that many students will come for a day of unlimited learning! To her, Splash is a club filled with the joys of writing and responding to emails, and she eagerly awaits the weekly meetings by showing up on time to the Splinners (unlike everyone else). Aside from Splash, she takes pleasure in mysterious day-trips to other places in the Connecticut area.

is a second-year in Ezra Stiles College studying Statistics & Data Science. She is passionate about disappearing from society when she gets sick every week and skipping meals only to end up going to Walgreens at 12am for cheap midnight snacks (since Gheav is disgustingly expensive). Outside of staying in her room all day, she enjoys making a million Spotify playlists and taking English classes even though she doesn't want to be a poor English major. She can't wait to see the Splashies on campus!

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