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Major: Undecided, human rights focus

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2020

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Not Available.

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C2436: Mindfulness and Stress Tolerance in Sprout Spring 17 (Feb. 11 - 25, 2017)
Learn to identify and better manage stress through mindfulness, a simple way of thinking that anyone can do.

E2158: Reality is a Malleable Thing: An Exploration of Social Constructionist Theory in Sprout Fall 16 (Oct. 01 - 15, 2016)
Why are red and orange different colors, but not light and dark blue? Why do we segregate based on race instead of by shoe-size? Why do some cultures value burkas while others promote bikinis? The answer to these questions are not inherent, universal principles, but rather constructions of a seemingly-shared reality. We have created the meaning that makes everything we do possible. This class will explore the theory of social construction and how it is applicable to how we live.