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VALERIE PAVILONIS, Yale junior who loves books and Pokemon :)

Major: English

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2022

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Hello! My name is Valerie and I'm a junior English major thinking about a career either in service or in law. In my free time you can find me hiking, reading, or writing creatively. I have one basil plant (named Basil) and one cat (named Luna). I'm also from Chicago, and I'm very proud of that fact!

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A4376: How to Make Another World: Fictional Universes in Creative Writing in Splash Spring 2021 (Apr. 24, 2021)
Lord of the Rings, the Marvel Universe, Star Wars, all of these franchises have one thing in common: they're all set in fantastical universes. And in this class, we're going to work on developing our own universes, and folding these worlds into our writing. Like to write creatively? Never written creatively? Somewhere in the middle and want to make your own world? No problem. In this class, we'll do some exercises to jump-start your creativity and take you from this planet to another one, this time to another one, or maybe even from this universe to another one. No matter where your thoughts take you, at the end of this class, you'll be somewhere else

A3727: You're Not Bad At Drawing in Splash Spring 19 (Apr. 06, 2019)
Drawing isn't just nude dudes and bowls of fruit. In fact, drawing can encompass pretty much everything, from things you can see to things you can't. In this class, we'll use techniques like blind contour (get ready for some scary pieces) and upside-down drawings (they're cool, I swear) to learn one of the greatest drawing techniques: draw what you see, not what you think.