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KERRY BURKE-MCCLOUD, Yale freshman studying Classics

Major: Classics

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2017

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Kerry Burke-McCloud is an aspiring high school Latin teacher. Ever since high school, he has fallen in love with the language, Roman customs, and history. He is also a member of the Yale Mock Trial Association as well as an amateur actor. He hopes to one day, in a perfect world, be a high school Latin teacher/private college consultant/actor.

Past Classes

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H2082: Rhetoric: Body and Mind in Splash Spring 16 (Apr. 02, 2016)
Ever hear a person say something that sounded right, but really wasn't? Ever see someone speak that you couldn't take your eyes off of? Ever notice how combining anaphora and rhetorical questions can make for a great introduction? In this class we'll look at body language and the use of rhetoric to gain a glance into how can clarify and obscure, help and jeopardize, and convey honesty while secretly subverting truth.

E1691: Rhetoric: From Antiquity to Modernity in Sprout Fall 15 (Oct. 03 - 17, 2015)
In this class, we will explore the art of rhetoric in the classical world and draw connections to how classical conceptualizations of artful rhetoric have found footholds in the modern world. Changes in rhetoric from antiquity to modernity will also be examined.

X1578: Court Procedures in Splash Spring 15 (Apr. 04, 2015)
OBJECTION! Come and learn the art of navigating the courtroom. What makes a good opening Statement? Closing Statement? What can an attorney do to keep his witness under control? In this class, we will learn about every part of a trial and hone our critical thinking and public speaking skills by developing the art of argumentation and body language in the courtroom. DON'T MISS THIS CLASS!

E1409: Constitutional Law in Sprout Spring 15 (Feb. 14 - 28, 2015)
Do you know your rights? If so, do you know HOW we got those rights? Know that too? What about WHY we got those rights? The U.S. Constitution is one of the most remarkable and important documents in our nation's history. It tells us the rights we have as basic citizens and the rights that we have compared to the federal government. But, HOW do we know what rights apply to what situations? HOW do we know whether our rights are being violated? In this class, we'll analyze all of the questions above and work through cases, analyzing the (VERY deliberate) wording of court opinions and how they work in conjunction with the constitution to change and establish the laws of our society!

X1326: Intro to Acting: Building the Character in Splash Fall 14 (Nov. 08, 2014)
"Acting is reacting". When on stage, a character is not a "character", but a living, breathing person. This "character" has dreams, friends, family, and a history. In this course, we will be exploring the logistics of being a living, breathing person on stage. We will participate in various exercises as well as monologue work; therefore, students are encouraged to bring in a monologue or scene--preferably from a play, but movies are acceptable--to conduct developmental work. Please wear clothes that you can move easily in. Also bring a monologue in with you!

H1327: Roman Society and Thought in Splash Fall 14 (Nov. 08, 2014)
Delve into the world of Ancient Rome! Not only the age of gladiators, chariot races, and laurel leaves, but also the age of slavery, political corruption, and death! We will explore the world of Ancient Rome and aspects of how the Romans lived their lives on a day-to-day basis. If you have always wanted to learn about where our modern societal ideas originated, then this is the course for you!

C1254: The Art of Persuasion in Sprout Fall 2014 (Oct. 04 - 18, 2014)
In schools, we take English classes constantly. Grammar and reading comprehension are crammed down our throats constantly. But, while the pen IS mightier than the sword, can the same be said about the tongue? That's what we'll examine in this course. For three sessions we will analyze great speeches from movies and history in both a performative and rhetorical context. Ultimately, this will culminate in a speech of your own on anything you'd like to give a speech on. Whatever is passionate to you! Enrollment will be capped at 10 people, so enroll quickly to discover the art, power, and beauty of persuasion and rhetoric in speech; the oldest form of communication.

H1029: Roman society and thought in Splash Spring 14 (Mar. 29, 2014)
This course seeks to introduce students to various aspects of Roman civilization. In this class, we'll be analyzing life from the perspective of a Roman citizen, analyzing their history, religion, political structure, literature, and their day-to-day interactions. Why would Romans wait outside the doors of others in the early hours of the day just to say "Hi"? Is a Roman dinner simply a dinner or a political stratagem? All this and more will be explored in this course!