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MICHELLE ATALLAH, Yale senior studying Biology

Major: MCDB

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2012

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S116: Cooking with Chemistry in Splash Spring 12 (Mar. 24, 2012)
Chemistry plays a constant role in our daily lives - you can't bake or cook without it! In this class we'll be learning about the role chemical reactions play in common baking processes. Why do we add baking powder to biscuits? What does yeast do in bread? Students will create delicious baked goods while learning all about the chemistry behind the magic of baking.

X119: Pop Culture Around The World in Splash Spring 12 (Mar. 24, 2012)
Are you curious about what people in other places fond cool? In this class we'll survey Music, movies, and art from at least one country on every continent. You might even learn some dance moves!