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Major: Applied Mathematics

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2014

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M113: Game Theory: Using mathematics to understand how people interact. in Splash Spring 12 (Mar. 24, 2012)
This class will be all fun and games! (If you like math or social science) Game Theory is one of the most exciting fields in mathematics and economics, and it allows us to look at why people do the things they do. We use game theory often in our lives! How do we subtly let people know whether we're good at something or not? When you shoot a penalty kick in soccer, how can you maximize the percentage you make it? If you're playing tic tac toe, or rock paper scissors, how can you maximize the percentage with which you win? We will start with the formal mathematical definition of a game, $$\Gamma = \left\lbrace {T, I, P, H, A, p, u} \right\rbrace$$ (which everyone will understand!!!) and move to cool applications such as the ones already listed, plus more cool ones like how you can outsmart a game show host!