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Major: History

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2019

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H3691: How to Read Shakespeare in Splash Spring 19 (Apr. 06, 2019)
Ever wanted to impress your friends? Earn better grades in English class? Understand one of the greatest writers in the English language? Well, Shakespeare is hard, but with some tricks, you can understand it without translation to modern English.

E2854: Painting 101 in Sprout Fall 17 (Sep. 30 - Oct. 14, 2017)
Come spend some time just mixing colors and free paint! If you don't know where to begin or feel like you need an object to paint, suggestions will be provided.

E2855: Origami! in Sprout Fall 17 (Sep. 30 - Oct. 14, 2017)
Come make some paper cranes! It will be a relaxing time of paper folding and classical music.

C2109: Beginning Spanish in Sprout Fall 16 (Oct. 01 - 15, 2016)
Ever wanted to learn to speak a new, fun language that can take you to tropical beaches, famous churches and mosques, high mountains, and the origins of civilization in the Americas? Come begin to learn Spanish!

E2110: Religious Freedom in America in Sprout Fall 16 (Oct. 01 - 15, 2016)
We all know that everyone has religious freedom in the United States, but what does that really mean? How long have we have had TRUE religious freedom? Are we becoming less free? Can Donald Trump actually restrict immigration of Muslims? This class will focus on how religious freedom has changed through the years because of Supreme Court cases. There will be room for student debate about what current policy should be!

E2124: World War II and its aftermath in Eastern Europe in Sprout Fall 16 (Oct. 01 - 15, 2016)
While the invasion of Normandy has been glorified in film and history class, did you know that the true turning point was in Russia? For a time in Europe, communists were allies of the US. Learn about an oft-neglected region of the world that was central to Russian power during the Soviet Era to better understand the Cold War.