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JACOB MARKS, Yale senior with a love for anything PHYSICS

Major: Physics, Math & Philosophy

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2017

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Jacob Marks is a senior at Yale double majoring in Intensive Physics, and Math & Philosophy. At Yale, Jacob works as a tutor for the math department, President of Ventures in Science, and was previously a writer and editor for the Yale Scientific Magazine.

Jacob has done research at CERN, the Yale Quantum Institute, and the Institute for Quantum Computing in Waterloo, Canada.

In his free time, Jacob enjoys running, rock climbing, playing guitar, reading Kurt Vonnegut novels, and spending time with his family

Past Classes

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S2269: Fermi Analysis: The Power of Rapid Guestimation in Splash Fall 16 (Nov. 05, 2016)
How many Piano-tuners are there in San Francisco? How many frisbees would fit inside the sun? How many atoms would you have to line up back-to-back to get from Dubai to Shanghai? In this course we'll learn about a powerful technique for answering such questions without any specific knowledge. Get ready to amaze your friends and family with guestimational prowess!

E1867: Just a (qu)bit of Quantum Computing in Sprout Spring 16 (Feb. 13 - 27, 2016)
Join the quantum revolution! Come learn about spooky "action at a distance", Schrodinger's cat, and how all of this is challenging our notions of information security. Let's collapse some wave-functions, and rethink what it means to 'compute'!

E1676: Group Theory and the World in Sprout Fall 15 (Oct. 03 - 17, 2015)
What is a 'group'? What is an 'algebra'? Why do we care? In this elective, we'll talk about symmetries, permutations, and transformations, with examples and applications from Physics and Chemistry to Music and Rubik's cubes.

C1424: Jargon to Journalism: Yale Scientific Magazine Explores Topics in Science Writing and Reporting in Sprout Spring 15 (Feb. 14 - 28, 2015)
Hosted by the Yale Scientific Magazine (YSM), the nation’s oldest college science publication, and Synapse (YSM’s Outreach Division), Jargon to Journalism offers students the chance to explore in depth the field of scientific journalism through classes with current Yale Scientific Magazine writers, editors, and staffers. Each class will build upon students’ ability to conduct science reporting and writing, as well as providing perspectives and lessons in a wide variety of topics related to science journalism, including landmark experiments in the media, historical impact of science journalism, how to conduct interviews, and media issues approaches and representation of genetic engineering, aerospace, entrepreneurism, and cutting-edge physics, among other topics. Teachers will also speak about their experiences getting involved with and writing for the Yale Scientific Magazine, and how they continue to explore their interests in the field through involvement as varying as classes to interning at the Smithsonian itself. Current teachers include Lionel Jin, Payal Marathe, Julia Rothchild, and Rebecca Su.

E1180: Physics of Music in Sprout Fall 2014 (Oct. 04 - 18, 2014)
Ever wondered what makes certain songs so catchy? Want to listen to guitar and learn about sound waves? Find out what the fibonacci numbers have to do with pianos, and how notes combine in harmony or discord. Strings, waves, pitches, tones, and all the math and physics to help you appreciate music in a new way.

S851: Big Science in Sprout Spring 14 (Feb. 15 - Mar. 01, 2014)
What do the International Space Station, the Large Hadron Collider, the National Ignition Facility, the Human Genome and the Manhattan Project all have in common? They are all massive science projects, costing well in excess of one billion dollars. Come discuss the science and politics of big science and learn about some of the most exciting projects of the upcoming decade.