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DANIEL ZEGARRA RUIZ, Yale Immunobiology Graduate Student

Major: BBS/Immunobiology

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: G

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I was born and raised in Lima-Peru, where I received my B.S. in Pharmacy and Biochemistry. I have always been captivated by the elegance of our immune system and decided to expand my knowledge at Yale. I currently holds a M.S. in Immunobiology and my dissertation research focuses in elucidating the crosstalk between diet, gut microbiota and autoimmunity.

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E2468: Microbiota: Friends or Foes? in Sprout Spring 17 (Feb. 11 - 25, 2017)
Bacteria and humans have struggled to co-exist for quite a while. But, have we reached an agreement already? Being required for modulating multiple pathways in human development while inhibiting infections from exogenous agents, our pool of colonizing bacteria, our microbiota, plays an important role in human health. How exactly is being colonized by millions of bacteria a strategy to protect us? How has the microbiota impacted human evolution? This course will explain the diverse positive and negative influences that the microbiota have in human health.