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ANDREW CROUCH, Yale junior studying BME

Major: Biomedical Engineering

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2014

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F463: Synthetic Biology: Reprogramming Life in Splash Summer 13 (Jul. 06 - 27, 2013)
Come learn the science behind hijacking living organisms to perform all kinds of helpful processes faster and cheaper than ever before! Over the course of four weeks, an ongoing undergraduate research project will be used as the framework for this course.

H109: Introduction to Italian in Splash Spring 12 (Mar. 24, 2012)
An introduction to Italian for people who know no Italian whatsoever.

X110: The Evolution of Videogames as an Art Form in Splash Spring 12 (Mar. 24, 2012)
Did you know that the United States National Endowment of the Arts declared videogames an art form in May 2011? And that the Smithsonian American Art Museum is opening an exhibit on March 16, 2012 called "The Art of Video Games"? Surprised? Why, or why not? We will discuss why the NEA did this (according to us), as well as whether we agree. The quality of the discussion depends on you!

X37: The Evolution of Videogames as an Art Form in Splash Fall 11 (Oct. 22, 2011)
Love videogames? Come on down! Hate videogames? Walk on in! Although I will have a lesson plan, I think this class would be lots more fun as an open discussion/debate. What will we be discussing? Why, the evolution of videogames as an art form, of course (see, it's right there in the title). Part history, part art stuff, maybe some computer science, who knows? A lot of the success of this little idea of mine depends on the people who come (so don't let me down). And I'm serious about non-gamers being welcome. In fact, non-gamers are encouraged. I don't want a one-sided debate: let's get some people who don't consider videogames art in here. If my mind is changed by the end of the lesson, I will consider this a success. I guess that sums it up. Excited yet?