The Splash at Yale Team


The Splash at Yale team works year round to organize successful Splashes and fulfill our mission of providing high quality student-inspired education programs. We actively seek motivated undergraduate students and graduate students to help us run our events. Past program leadership can be found here.

Current Members

Co-PresidentsTammy Chung ('24)
Sophia Li ('24)
Fall 2022 Splash DirectorsJason Jiang ('25)
Josie Chan ('25)

AdministratorsAnnette Forchoh ('25)
Julian Lee ('25)
Matt Shu ('25)
Lea Cioffi ('24)
Paola Milbank ('26)
Tiffany Hu ('26)
Daniel Carrillo ('26)
Allison Drew ('25)

Board of Trustees

Splash at Yale's finances and other fiduciary responsibilities are held by a Board of Trustees composed of current and past program administrators. Concerns or comments regarding Splash at Yale may be communicated directly to the Board via its chair at

TrusteesBenjamin Horowitz ('14) (Chair)
Linda Zhou ('14)
Miles Calabresi ('15)
Emmy Yang ('16)
Kristi Oki ('14)
Daniel Hwang (’16)
Rachel Lawrence (’16)
Molly Mullen ('17)
Rachel Han ('17)
Hari Anbarasu ('17)

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