Parent Information

Participating in Yale Splash gives your children an unique opportunity for self-motivated learning in a variety of subjects taught by friendly and knowledgeable teachers. We strongly encourage your child to take advantage of the opportunity!

What is Splash?

Splash is an educational program run and organized entirely by student-volunteers. Yale students teach one hour classes on a topic that interests them. This means that there will be a wide variety of classes. Middle and high school students then come to campus and take any (and only) classes they want.

What should I do while my child is attending Splash?

There are plenty of exciting places to visit around New Haven. Close-by is the Yale British Art Museum and the Yale Art Gallery. There are also tours offered by Yale College focusing on the history and architecture of Yale, as well as tours offered by Yale Admissions geared towards prospective students and their parents. In addition, downtown New Haven is a short walk from campus and boasts many well-known shops and restaurants. We will continue to offer our parent program at Splash, in addition to refreshments in the morning.

Parent Program

For some Splash programs, we offer a program for parents staying at Yale on the day of Splash. Stay tuned for the schedule of our Parent Program! Typically the program will feature guest speakers, sample Splash classes, and a Q & A session with the directors of Splash.

Student Motivation

One of Splash's primary goals is to provide a unique educational environment for students who want to learn (whether to explore new interests, to deepen their understanding of a fun topic, or to get a fresh look at material that failed to engage them fully in a school setting), but to do so we need a body of eager students. To that end, we insist that students register themselves with their parents' permission (rather than having parents or teachers register them). We want students to be enthusiastic about the program without any pressure from parents or teachers and to choose the classes they're interested in and only those classes. The biggest damper on the day's atmosphere are students who aren't interested in the classes they are signed up for. Please help us make Splash a success by giving the students the full freedom to engage with Splash as an individual.

Sitting in on Classes

Splash is designed as a program where students can explore their interests individually while making new friends and meeting mentors. We want to foster a learning environment without any pressure from home. Therefore we generally do not allow parents to sit in on Splash classes. Exceptions may be made for those with learning disabilities or extreme circumstances.

Special Needs

Splash at Yale is committed to providing wonderful learning opportunities to all students, and we do not want to deny a motivated student the experience of a Splash due to a mental or physical disability. Please contact us ahead of time if your child has a disability that requires special care or consideration. If your child has a physical disability, it is especially important that we know as we need to make sure your child's classrooms are handicap accessible. For the visually-impaired or hearing-impaired, we can have teachers prepare appropriate classroom materials and handouts to maximize your child's experience.

Please keep in mind that our teachers are college students without any specific specialized training for those with special needs. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

Splash is a Non-profit Student Organization

Splash at Yale was founded by Yale students and is run entirely by Yale students. We have no official association with the Yale University administration or the Undergraduate Admissions Office. We think meeting Yale students and seeing the Yale campus is a great way to get yourself acquainted with our school, but coming to Splash will not give your child a "leg up" if he or she applies to Yale.


We require all participants to have a parent or other legal guardian to sign three forms (photo release, liability waiver, and medical history) before participating in any program. These forms are required for sign-in. Links will be posted on the website and sent to enrolled students after student registration.

A Note on Health Emergencies

In case of an injury, Splash at Yale personnel will take reasonable steps to notify the participant's emergency contact. If the emergency contact is unavailable, Splash at Yale personnel will arrange for the participant to receive medical attention. All financial responsibility for hospitalization and medical care provided is to be assumed by the parent or guardian.


We welcome your comments, thoughts, and suggestions. Drop us a line.

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