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YOO EUN KIM, Rising Smith Senior Interested in Social Change

Major: Economics and Religion

College/Employer: Smith College

Year of Graduation: 2016

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Yoo Eun Kim is a rising senior at Smith College, studying Economics and Religion. She worked at the White House and Opportunity International, a global microfinance institution. During high school, she served as International Trustee of Key Club, the world's largest student-led community service organization. Throughout her academic career, she has taught many middle and high school students how to create and execute individual service projects within their communities.

Her interests include running, playing Pokemon and Legend of Zelda video games, watching Attack on Titan, and learning about mass incarceration and LGBTQ issues in South Korea.

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X1489: World Changer's Think Tank in Splash Spring 15 (Apr. 04, 2015)
Keep your coins; I want CHANGE! Are you interested in starting your own community service project? If you want to design and implement a project that maximizes impact for your school or community, attend World Changer's Think Tank (WCTT)! WCTT has been presented in leadership and service conventions throughout the United States and will cover the following topics: brainstorming ideas, budgeting, delegating, advertising, executing, and building on your results. What are you waiting for? Be a World Changer!