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KINCAID MACDONALD, First-year Yalie Reading Lots of Philosophy

Major: Math/Music/Philosophy?

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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13.8 billion years ago, for reasons we can't even pretend to understand, an explosion of colossal proportion catapulted such energy into being that, 13.8 billion years later, a relatively sophisticated race of sentient creatures, created mostly through chance, began to inhabit those parts of the universe known to them. Kincaid's immediate ancestors inhabited the wilds of Montana, where they bore and raised their son in such a manner that he now has a great affinity for philosophy, mathematics, and a sonorous construction of wood people call a cello. He reflects rather frequently on just how funny our short stint of existence is, and is, it just so happens, doing so right now. So improbable! So brief! But so wonderful!

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