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TYLER MACBETH, Yale sophomore studying EP&E

Major: EP&E

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2025

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Originally from a small town, I came to Yale to study EP&E with a concentration in education policy. Outside of my academic career, I'm an avid sports fan, and I think music and art are pretty cool too, even though my understanding of either beyond observation is limited. I wanted to teach with SPLASH because it gives me the opportunity to apply some of the things that I've learned to subjects that aren't conventionally taught in schools.

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X4639: Lyrical Analysis of Frank Ocean's "Pyramids" in Splash Fall 2022 (Oct. 29, 2022)
Lyrical analysis takes an approach to understanding music in the same way that one would usually take to analyzing literature. With experimental music like Frank Ocean's, it can be interesting to look at the more cryptic lyrics as a means of appreciating the music in a different way. In this class, we'll take a deep dive into Ocean's song "Pyramids" to get a better sense of what one of his most famous songs speaks to on a cultural level.