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TANYA SHARMA, Yale junior studying Global Affairs

Major: Global Affairs

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2023

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Hello! I'm Tanya (she/her), and I'm a junior in Hopper College studying Global Affairs & Economics. I'm an exchange student from Yale-NUS College, which means I spend most of my time in Singapore, and I'm only at Yale for the semester. I care deeply about international development, especially areas such as women's empowerment, healthcare, education, and climate change. I love being outdoors, whether it be out for a picnic or on a hike, exploring new places, reading & journalling, and eating bagels with copious amounts of cream cheese. I'm so excited to be teaching at Splash 2022 — I can't wait to get to know you & talk to you about some of my favourite things :) See you soon!

Past Classes

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A4583: Writing Postcards: The Joys of Snail Mail in Splash Spring 2022 (Apr. 16, 2022)
There’s something about getting mail — the anticipation, the rush to open a package, and the joy of soaking it all in. Postcards do just that, but they bring notes, memories, and love! Postcards are a call to slow down from our busy lives, a reminder to express our gratitude to our loved ones (or ourselves), or a way to document the mundane into a physical time capsule. This class looks at how postcard writing came about, spends some time writing about, and talks about actually mailing them out (& navigating USPS!).

A4584: The Power of Stories: Narratives in Buddhist Philosophy in Splash Spring 2022 (Apr. 16, 2022)
The stories we tell — about ourselves and the world around us — matter. They shape our actions, the ways we engage with the world, and what we value. This class looks at the central role that stories play in the centuries old Buddhist tradition. As we unpack core Buddhist teachings through its stories, we will think about what these will look like in our everyday life and attempt to think of some big questions: Where does happiness come from? What is the place of mindfulness in a good life? How do we navigate conflict and forgiveness?

A4585: Unpacking Taylor Swift’s Feminism in Splash Spring 2022 (Apr. 16, 2022)
Taylor Swift is, indisputably, one of the greatest artists of our time. Her music can make you feel all the feels and put emotions you didn’t know you experienced into words. At the same time, her rise in popularity has been mired with a series of controversies, whether it be with controversies with other celebrities. This class traces the development of Taylor Swift’s feminism — where does it come from? What does it look like today? What makes her so powerful? At the same time, it critiques it — Where does she falter? Who is this feminism for? In asking these questions, we will think about intersectional feminism, holding our favourite stars accountable, and navigating the line between enjoying art & unconditionally endorsing artists.