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SANA ASLAM, Yale senior studying Anthropology

Major: Anthropology

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2020

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Hi! My name is Sana, and I am a senior at Yale. I am originally from Lexington, Kentucky, and I love learning about human thought. My favorite activities are hanging out with and learning from young people, journaling, eating and taking walks with my friends.

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H3432: Writing About Place in Splash Fall 2018 (Oct. 27, 2018)
Maybe you have a place that makes you think of something funny or happy. Maybe you have a place that reminds you of family, or of the one time you almost got lost. In this class, we will be writing stories inspired by places and the memories and emotions of those places. We will talk about what value places may have to our lives and the stories that form who we are. All are welcome — no writing experience required or needed!