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Major: Undeclared

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2018

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S1569: How much does Nature Cost? in Splash Spring 15 (Apr. 04, 2015)
What is the value of nature? Why should we care if an animal across the world goes extinct, or if human development hurts a plant in the forest just a little bit, when these occurrences are of so little consequence to us? Across third world countries, how can we ethically protect an environment that humans need to exploit for their livelihoods? These questions and more will be explored through this multidisciplinary course, in an attempt to put a numerical value on an entity that goes far beyond any of our understanding.

E1395: The Value of Nature in Sprout Spring 15 (Feb. 14 - 28, 2015)
Our Earth is possibly in the middle of a 6th mass extinction as humans take over the planet. Biodiversity is slowly being lost as human civilization is reaching all-time highs. Is it worth caring about a small toad in Central America going extinct, or a single male rhino in Vietnam not being able to mate, when humans are profiting so much from taking over nature? This class seeks to answer the question of whether or not it is worth saving wildlife from economic, ecological, moral, and even religious points of view.

X1325: 13.8 Billion Years In Fifty Minutes in Splash Fall 14 (Nov. 08, 2014)
Do you ever wonder what a class would be like if it combined math, art, science, history, psychology, global affairs, and more? We don't. Because we just made that class. That's this class. Come to it. Join us as we journey through the big bang and evolution, the T-rex and love and happiness, the Renaissance and culture, the Model-T and technology, climate change, globalization and much more. And if you hate any of those topics, don't worry. We'll move to the next one in seconds.