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NJERI GREVIOUS, Yale rising sophomore studying Applied Mathematics

Major: Applied Math

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2017

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Njeri was born and raised in the Boston area and plans to major in Applied Mathematics. She joined Smart Woman Securities her freshman year, eager to explore math applications in finance and economics, She was delighted to learn a great deal as a participant in the SWS fall seminar series and in the stock pitch competition. She further increased her understanding about stock pitches, investing and valuation as senior analyst of the Financial Services group as part of the Spring Research Analyst team. Now, Njeri is excited to join the SWS Board as CMO. She is also involved with Yale leadership Institute and looks forward working on financials and sponsorship logistics with the conference team. In the New Haven community, Njeri enjoys teaching math and mentoring at Beacon Learning Center. She also founded and directs a free music-theory tutoring program called Music Theory Haven, which has reached over 30 elementary age through graduate students in Boston. She is working on expanding the program into New Haven and looks forward to collaborating with local music programs here. Njeri's other interests include dancing a variety of styles (indian classical, hip hop, tango, you name it!) and jamming with anyone who wants to play chamber music, especially works by her favorite composer, Shostakovich.

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A1012: Music, Fifths, and Circles...Oh My!! in Splash Spring 14 (Mar. 29, 2014)
An in-depth look at the history, function and technicalities of the circle of fifths in music theory. This class is geared towards students of all backgrounds! Whether you want to brush up on your key signatures or you're curious about why we even have a circle fifths in the first place, this is the place for you!