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MICHAEL ADEYI, Yale freshman studying Chemical Engineering

Major: Chemical Engineering

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2022

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I lived in Geneva, Switzerland for a total of four years over two separate spans. Living abroad gave me a lot of opportunities I couldn't get in the U.S., particularly the opportunity to obsess over the Geneva car convention every year. in the U.S. I grew up in Washington, DC and attended high school there as well before getting to Yale. I ran track, played varsity soccer, and published a novel my freshman year. My interest in renewable energy began my junior year with a chemistry project on lithium-ion batteries. I have fostered that interest at Yale as a member of Project Bright and have coordinated it with my interest in automobiles through Bulldogs Racing.

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E3557: Renewable Energy—Using the Sun and Wind to Keep the Lights On (and Maybe Save the Earth) in Sprout Spring 19 (Feb. 16 - Mar. 02, 2019)
Humans have done a good job setting our climate up for disaster—it's up to our generation to try and fix things. A 2018 study found that there is a 95% probability human-produced greenhouse gases are the primary cause of global warming over the past 50 years. To counteract the damage, we have to turn to cleaner energy sources, namely wind and solar. In this course we'll go over how solar panels and wind turbines give us energy and what we do with it. Students will team up and argue for which energy source they think is best. If we have time, we'll take a look at nuclear energy and electric vehicles.