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LILIA POTTER-SCHWARTZ, Yale sophomore studying biophysics

Major: Mol. Biophysics & Biochemistry

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2026

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My name is Lilia and I am a sophomore (from New Hampshire) studying Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry with a certificate in Global Health studies. I am very interested in infectious disease research on a global scale, including antimicrobial resistance and increased incidence during humanitarian crises. On campus, Lilia co-founded a Partners In Health Engage chapter to join a nationwide network of students working towards establishing a global movement for the right to health. Lilia also volunteers with the HAVEN Free Clinic Quality Improvement Department, the Yale New Haven Hospital, and enjoys serving on the Murray College Council and as a board member and a violinist with the Davenport Pops Orchestra.

Past Classes

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S4863: Medical Mysteries: Monsters Inside Me in Splash Spring 2024 (Apr. 06, 2024)
A 12-year-old female presents with an unexplained form of spontaneous epilepsy. A 38-year-old man began speaking gibberish after falling off his bed. A 78-year-old women woke up with symptoms of meningitis with no sign of bacterial or viral infection. So, what was responsible? Join us in this hour-long journey of looking at medical mysteries caused by parasitic infections. We will walk through the diagnostic process for some of the most fascinating cases in modern medicine, including the parasites that caused them. Students will have the opportunity to take votes on what they think might have caused these symptoms, so bring your medical curiosity, and best guess, to class.

A4892: An Introduction to Modular Origami in Splash Spring 2024 (Apr. 06, 2024)
Ever wondered how a single piece of paper can transform into intricate structures? Explore the art of modular origami! Our class unveils the secrets behind creating stunning sculptures from multiple folded units, offering a hands-on journey into creativity and precision. Join us and unfold the magic!

S4788: The Odds of Getting Sick in Splash Fall 2023 (Nov. 11, 2023)
Here’s a thought experiment: you’re in a room with 20 people, and 5 of them are contagiously ill. What are the odds you will get sick? In this lesson, we will explore how math, statistics, and computer science intersect to help epidemiologists understand the spread of infectious disease. We will cover concepts in basic probability, simulation, and principles of infectious disease modeling that predict outbreaks before they happen. Join us and learn how leading public health officials identify emerging infections before they hit the news.