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LEKHA SUNDER, Yale Senior Studying Global Affairs

Major: Political Science

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2023

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Name: Lekha Sunder
Graduation Year: 2023
Major: Global Affairs
Previous teaching experience: I taught speech and debate to elementary and middle school students when I was in high-school! I also taught speech and debate through Splash! at Yale in the Spring of 2019. I'm excited to be back. I was a competitive debater from age 12-19 and I'm excited to meet other future debaters!
Other Interests: I love to sing (check out my a cappella group, Yale Out of the Blue), play Poptropica, cook, and write screenplays for fun. My favorite TV shows include Modern Family and Insecure.

Past Classes

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A4750: Speak Up! in Splash Spring 2023 (Apr. 01, 2023)
Explore the fundamentals of speech and debate! In this course, you'll learn how to write and deliver a speech on any topic you want—climate change, your favorite baseball team, Ariana Grande, you name it. You'll also participate in spirited debates with your classmates—like, which is better, hot dogs or hamburgers? We'll use crafts and games to learn how to win an argument and speak like a president.

C3508: Speak Up! An Introduction to Speech and Debate in Sprout Spring 19 (Feb. 16 - Mar. 02, 2019)
Public speaking is one of the most useful tools you can have—especially as a kid! Whether you need to convince your parents to let you hang out with friends or deliver a presentation in front of a class, knowing how to craft an argument and deliver a speech is key! In this Sprout course, you will write speeches and become a skilled public speaker—like Martin Luther King Jr. or George Washington! We will learn about current events and debate issues that affect our society, such as healthcare and climate change. You'll learn how to speak eloquently about a whole range of topics—from basketball to your favorite pair of socks!