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KATE LITTRELL, Yale PhD student in Ecology

Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: G

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E1427: Snakes of the World in Sprout Spring 15 (Feb. 14 - 28, 2015)
Did you know there are over 3,000 species of snakes in the world? In this course, you'll learn interesting facts about snake biology such as how snakes feed, reproduce, and survive in extreme habitats. You'll also discover which snakes are the biggest, fastest, and most venomous in the world.

S1306: Amazing Migrations! in Splash Fall 14 (Nov. 08, 2014)
Ever wonder how birds find their way south in the winter? Or why salmon return to the streams they were born in to lay eggs? Join us to discover the answers and learn about the world’s most amazing migrations. We’ll cover how and why animals migrate, discussing everything from dragonflies to humpback whales.

E1202: Backyard Conservation in Sprout Fall 2014 (Oct. 04 - 18, 2014)
Do you want to give back to the environment and help conserve wildlife? Come and join me to learn how you can be a conservation biologist right in your backyard! I’ll discuss the different threats to local wildlife and what you can do to make your yard an attractive and safe place for animals. Topics will include creating a pollinator garden, bat houses, urban beehives, attracting migratory birds, insect hotels and much more. We will also discuss how you can have your backyard certified as wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.