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KEREN ABREU, Yale junior studying french and performing arts

Major: French

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2015

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I love to sing, and I believe in the power of music! On campus I am a part of Shades A Cappella- a group founded to sing music of the African diaspora and the African-American tradition- as well as a band called "A Streetcar Named Funk." I've also participated in a number of musical theater productions ("Hair," "Spring Awakening," "Putnam County Spelling Bee,").

Past Classes

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T888: R&B Training in Sprout Spring 14 (Feb. 15 - Mar. 01, 2014)
This course will explore the history and practice of R&B music. Students will learn 2-3 songs, in addition to practicing techniques like riffing, belting and scooping. Students who took the summer sprout course "R&B basics" might like to take this to continue what we started learning. Students who are interested in taking this course should be unafraid and ready to sing in front of others!

B462: R&B Basics in Splash Summer 13 (Jul. 06 - 27, 2013)
This course will be a quick peak into the history & art of R&B music. The class will begin with a little bit of background on how R&B came to exist. This will be followed by some vocal warm-ups and some improvisational R&B work. We will finish off the class by learning an arrangement of a popular R&B song which the whole class will then perform & record.