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MACKENZIE ABERNETHY, Lifelong reader, newbie self-proclaimed artist

Major: Education

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2014

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MacKenzie Abernethy loves the outdoors, spicy foods, and bird watching (plus, people watching too).
She has written Social Studies textbooks and digital curriculum with the Choices Program at Brown University, coordinates programs for Frequency Writers, practices yoga, and has taught diverse students across ages 6-60.

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A3115: Sincerely, Sweet Potato: Writing to Grow What You Love in Splash Spring 18 (Apr. 07, 2018)
If we truly write the story of our own lives, how can we do so with purpose? How can we practice our powers as creators of our own reality, both on and off the page? Sincerely, Sweet Potato approaches writing with a curiosity towards what we wish for, alongside an appreciation for all that is already going well in our lives that we may not immediately recognize. Through creative writing and the arts, we will notice and build upon people who choose to reframe their struggles or injustices in order to build new worlds and ways of being. Exercises will include collaborative creations and discussions, guided free writing, and learning how to find to our own intuitive voice. Together, we will seek greater opportunities and courage to move towards our wildest dreams.