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JULIAN DANIEL, Yale junior studying Political Science and History

Major: Political Science/History

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2024

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I'm from Atlanta, GA, and I'm passionate about American and international politics, history, and political organizing.

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H4600: Understanding Your Human Rights in Splash Fall 2022 (Oct. 29, 2022)
You and everyone you know are entitled to dozens and dozens of fundamental rights, just for being a person. We'll explore the world of human rights- from the original 30 human rights declared by the United Nations in 1948 to the rights people receive on the basis of being a worker, a woman, a child, or a person with disabilities. Learn more about your human rights and leave empowered!

H4601: Presidential Elections and US History in Splash Fall 2022 (Oct. 29, 2022)
Just in time for the midterms, we'll be discussing the most significant presidential elections in US history: from the first days of the United States to the election of 1860, from the 1896 showdown over bimetallism to the election that sealed the New Deal and the election of 2016. Join us to learn about the pivotal issues in our democracy, how the presidential campaign has changed over time, and a 1,400 pound block of cheese.