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JESSICA YU, Passionate Biologist and Women's Health Activist

Major: MCDB

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2026

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Hi! I'm Jessica, a sophomore at Yale majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada alongside two siblings (a little brother and sister)! I love aging biology, women's health and wellbeing, and medicine, amongst many other things (like food). In my free time, you can catch me writing poetry for CORTEX magazine, singing Chinese songs/practicing Mandarin, and attempting to cook :D

Past Classes

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X4754: Introduction to Investing and Personal Finance in Splash Fall 2023 (Nov. 11, 2023)
Have you ever thought about the stock market, wondered how people retire, or just want to figure out how to use, save, and grow your money efficiently? This course, taught by volunteer instructors from Yale’s Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund, will teach students how to responsibly manage their personal finances now and in the future. Topics will include saving, borrowing, and creating an investment portfolio (covering topics such as diversification, index fund investing, and the power of compounding interest). No prior finance-related knowledge is required!

X4776: Ticking Time Bomb: To Age with a Uterus in Splash Fall 2023 (Nov. 11, 2023)
Did you know that women have only a 5% chance of becoming pregnant by the age of 40? Join us as we explore the notorious "ticking time bomb,” which encompasses the biology of ovarian aging, the intricacies of menopause, the potential of fertility treatments, and the ways in which these factors can limit women's choices. Although there is no definitive solution yet, various groups ranging from cutting-edge research institutions to ambitious biotech start-ups are competing to extend the fuse. Let's explore the pressing issue of reproductive aging and understand how it shapes our future!