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MICHAEL WANG, Yale freshman hoping to major in art

Major: CS/Art

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2023

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An aspiring artist from born in New York, raised in China. Familiar with different mediums, primarily oil, acryllic and watercolor.

Past Classes

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A4243: Graffiti: More than vandalism in Splash Spring 2020 (Apr. 11, 2020)
Wanna learn how to paint a cool mural for your room, an old door, a wall, or just as a new medium of art? Learn some techniques and ideas from the best grafitti artists to ever do it, and then students will have a chance to create their own piece, whether in groups or individually, on their own board.

E4151: The art of watercolor in Sprout Spring 2020 (Feb. 15 - 29, 2020)
Examining techniques in Watercolor painting. Students will complete their own work by the end of class. I will offer some ideas but mainly a class where students get to create freely and receive help and advice.