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HOLLY LAURIDSEN, Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student

Major: Biomedical Engineering

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: G201

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I am a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering. My research focuses on changes that occur in blood vessels that may be associated with chronic inflammation. I have always loved all sorts of science ranging from marine biology to medical technologies!

When I am not working on science, I love to travel, bake, and bike! I am originally from Portland, Oregon, but have been on the East coast for a number of years. I completed my undergraduate degree at Brown in 2011.

Past Classes

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X1056: Effective Communication-Clearly Sharing Complex Ideas in Splash Spring 14 (Mar. 29, 2014)
Effective communication is important for every aspect of life! Do you want to impress on your next class project? Communicate clearly in college and job interviews, or even just when having a conversation? This course will go over some of the basics of written and oral communication, often using science topics as an example. You'll get some practice on how to deliver an elevator pitch--a one-minute overview of an idea that you may have.