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Major: Atmospheric Science + Literature

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2016

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S1531: All About Weather in Splash Spring 15 (Apr. 04, 2015)
Ever wondered how forecasters can predict the weather weeks in advance? Or why sometimes their predictions are completely wrong? Think you could do a better job yourself? In this class, we'll talk about short-term weather patterns, the science of larger scale climate change, and learn how to read weather maps.

S596: Black Holes in Sprout Fall 13 (Oct. 05 - 19, 2013)
Black holes are super massive, infinitely dense, collapsed stars. I'm sure you've heard plenty about them- that they absorb all light, that anyone who gets stuck in one is doomed, and that they'll eventually destroy the universe. But what is fact, and what is just science fiction? In this class, we'll learn what black holes are, and how they're formed. And yes, we'll also learn the truth about what would happen if you're caught in a black hole's gravitational field.