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STEPHEN CARRABINO, Yale Freshman eager to study Psychology or Latin

Major: N/A

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2023

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Hey! I am Stephen from London, UK. I studied at St. Paul's School in London for secondary school. My favorite things to do outside of class are to sing and dance. I am very interested in clinical Psychology and that is what I will be majoring in. My greatest area of interest within the field of clinical psychology is mental health disorders. How the mind works and how the brain functions differently in patients with different mental disorders is a truly fascinating topic, and I hope to be able to share my passion for this relatively novel field of expertise.

Past Classes

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E4155: History of mental health treatment in Sprout Spring 2020 (Feb. 15 - 29, 2020)
In this class, we will be discussing the various methods (some of which are very disturbing) employed in treating mental health as far back as the 1800s up until the present day. We will also look at the stigma surrounding mental health and how this has changed throughout time.

E3798: Mental Health and Personality Disorders in Sprout Fall 2019 (Sep. 28 - Oct. 12, 2019)
This course aims to inform students of the various mental health and personality disorders there are, broken down into categories. It aims to provide insight into the differences in development of children and adolescents with disorders as opposed to their "healthy" counterparts.