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BIANKA UKLEJA, Yale College Cinephile


College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2018

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Bianka is a Berkeley College senior who loves film, history, and foreign languages. She also enjoys visiting the Yale University Art Gallery, watching flicks, and making theater.

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A2995: Intro to Film Analysis in Splash Fall 17 (Nov. 11, 2017)
While there exits numerous arbiters of success for any given film text (box office sales, Rotten Tomatoes, Rogert Ebert, the Oscars), there are numerous production factors at play that should be explored in context to determine how to analyze the "success" of a film.

C1238: Building a Brand: Logos and Image in Sprout Fall 2014 (Oct. 04 - 18, 2014)
Students will be challenged to think critically about image and will have an opportunity to explore the creativity behind designing a brand. This class will be taught primarily through visual media. There will be workshop time in class when students will be able to create their own logos and explore the symbology of modern brands. Creativity is welcome!