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AIDAN KAPLAN, Yale sophomore studying linguistics

Major: Linguistics

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2017

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E1444: Playing with Language in Sprout Spring 15 (Feb. 14 - 28, 2015)
An introduction to the patterns and properties of human language: In what ways are languages similar? In what ways are they different? How do we get computers to use and understand language? And what makes MadLibs funny? This class doesn't require you to know any linguistics--only to be interested in languages and problem-solving.

E1227: Decoding Language in Sprout Fall 2014 (Oct. 04 - 18, 2014)
How do we make (and break) codes? Why is it so hard to learn a foreign language? And how do we teach computers to understand us? Learn the answers to these questions and more while solving fun language puzzles. No experience in linguistics or computer science required!