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ABRAHAM TOLKOFF, Yale Junior studying E&B and HSHM

Major: E&EB and HSHM

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2025

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I am Berkeley College '25 and a double major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and History of Science and Medicine. I've worked in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) just outside of New Haven since I began at Yale as well as in a rural community in Maine. I've been involved in Wilderness Medicine teaching at Yale and beyond and enjoy reading for fun.

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S4901: ABCs: The Biology of Vital Life Functions in Splash Spring 2024 (Apr. 06, 2024)
In this class we'll discuss the ABCs which stand for airway, breathing, and circulation. These three elements make up the key vital functions for life. We'll discuss why each is important and the body systems that are involved. Finally, we'll talk about the some ways that the ABCs can be compromised. I hope this course inspires students to take CPR and First Aid classes to learn how to help those in emergency scenarios.