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Major: Cognitive science

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2016

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H641: Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination through the Lens of the Holocaust in Splash Fall 13 (Nov. 09, 2013)
We will look at the psychological implications of the Holocaust. How was it possible for this atrocity to occur? Why did so many people around the world in the late 1930s, early 1940s stand idly by while millions of people perished? What can we learn about human nature, about social interactions, about group thinking? How do people develop prejudices and stereotypes, and when/why do they act on them? We will look at various experiments that were conducted in response to the Holocaust, and various theories that were developed. I would like this class to have a discussion component too, so it's not just me lecturing.

H320: Lessons from the Holocaust in Splash Spring 13 (Apr. 06, 2013)
How could an event as horrible as the Holocaust have occurred? Were the Nazis evil or ordinary people obeying orders? This class will offer a look at the origins of racism, stereotyping, and discrimination, as well as psychological theories about obedience and diffusion of responsibility in groups. There are lessons to be learned from the horrible events of history, and we need to make sure atrocities and genocides like this do not happen again.