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NISHANTH KRISHNAN, Yale sophmore studying the biology of the brain.

Major: Biology

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2021

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Hello! I'm Nishanth and I'm a Yale sophomore studying neurobiology. I came here by way of San Diego, where I was grew up exploring canyons and running on the beach side. I started to get interested in biology when I was a middle school student. I soon found myself working in a lab a local biotechnology company and, around the same time, I became fascinated by brain research at summer camp; as a Yale student today, I continue to work on research and study the brain! Outside of class, one of my favorite things to do is volunteer. I help run the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project and every week I write résumés for New Haven residents looking for a job. Volunteering is rewarding, fun, and educational, so I make sure I'm volunteering every week.

Past Classes

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S3724: Lunchbox History: The Stories Behind Everyday Foods in Splash Spring 19 (Apr. 06, 2019)
This class will cover the rich and surprising history of food items we all enjoy today. We'll talk about how chocolate chip cookies were invented by accident in 1938, or how a clever restaurateur created the potato chip to satisfy upset customers. All the while, we'll discuss how these same foods have shaped American culture, from soup can artwork to PB&J sandwiches in spaceflight. Through food history, we will explore how happy accidents have transformed the way we think about what to eat.