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JORDAN WILLIAMS, Long time Martial Artist, Musician, and Dancer

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College/Employer: Yale

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UConn Alumnus and Yale employee, Jordan Williams has always been committed to sharing his passions with the others in order to build a sense of community with all whom cross paths. He is an avid martial artist, having started in Wing Chun Kung-Fu at the age of 14 and continuing on to study 9 different styles including but not limited to Karate, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Capoeira. This immense study was accompanied by strong participation in martial competition, leading Jordan to place 2nd in his first international fighting event in 2017. He is also a lifelong musician with a special emphasis in percussion. In recent years, Jordan has focused on developing his Capoeira in order to dive deeper into his African root and combine his passions of martial and musical arts.

Past Classes

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E3025: Fight Dance(sing): Intro to Capoeira in Sprout Spring 18 (Feb. 17 - Mar. 03, 2018)
Students will be given a basic introduction into the art of Capoeira. This includes its history, music, and movements. Stories will be told, instruments will be played, songs will be sung, kicks will fly through the air, and most importantly..fun will be had! Please be sure to bring loose fitted clothing and an open mind and attitude :)

A2977: Self-Defense w/ Muay Thai in Splash Fall 17 (Nov. 11, 2017)
The Muay Thai Kickboxing Club (MTK) will be teaching basic self-defense Muay Thai techniques. This martial arts form originated in Thailand and is currently used in MMA/UFC matches. We ensure a fun, safe class for everyone!!