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From parents:

"My kids have enjoyed Yale Splash and Sprout. It gives them a little insight into subjects not often touched on in their regular days, what college is, as well as the chance to meet other kids from many other neighborhoods. Highly recommend."

"My son attended the Splash program in Fall 2016. It opened his world to the endless educational possibilities offered at a university level. He was among like-minded peers who were hungry for knowledge and exploration The students who ran the program were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, and friendly. The program ran with fantastic efficiency. The first words when he got in the car was "I want to go to Yale.""

"My high schoolers have loved the Splash program! From the classes, student teachers, other students they have met and the actual experience of being on the Yale campus has been beneficial, especially with college planning. A couple of the courses opened their eyes to other areas they may want to pursue: psychology and media. It's a great program and I highly recommend it!"

"Attending Splash at different schools has really helped our kids get a feel for the differences between schools and thinking about what THEY want from their college experience. It has made the whole idea of college less abstract and more comfortable."

"Splash at Yale is a well-run program with engaged student teachers and an outstanding variety of class selections. This program and others like it have prioritized the single thing that is most important to motivated learners - knowledge! And they do it with great enthusiasm. Bravo!"

"My elder son attended Spalsh and HSSP programs at MIT for three years. He really enjoyed them.There is wide range of classes to choose .Because of these classes he developed great interest towards stem classes and math and science competitions."

"My son got a chance to be exposed to a stellar college environment and interact with peers in a fun and challenging atmosphere"

"YALE Splash was the first opportunity that my daughter had to intellectually explore topics that were of interest to her but outside her public school curriculum She looks forward to the variety of workshops offered and I'm always amazed at what she chooses!"

"My daughter's dream is to go to Yale since she was 10 years old , this fall was her first time attending to this program , she was so happy to attend , she loved it and met one of the teachers , also student and she said that they are really nice , she also asked one of them her experience in campus . She came home very very happy."

"My son was enthused with networking with the other Splash student."

"My son has absolutely loved attending every single Splash he could possibly fit in -- from MIT and BC to Clark, Amherst, Smith and Yale, plus 2 Cornell Splashes and 3 at Princeton while visiting relatives. They've all been excellent! He's taken all kinds of classes, from interesting academics to improv; a great mix of exploring new topics and deepening his understanding of others. He considers himself very fortunate to have had these opportunities. Thank you to everyone involved in making Splashes available to so many bright and curious young people."

"My sons learned about topics that expanded their worlds. People were helpful and you can't beat being on the Yale campus!"

"Yale splash has enhanced my child's knowledge and created a love and passion for science Splash has been an awesome way for my daughter to explore and dabble in different topics and see which is finds most interesting. Splash also gives a confidence level about exploring on a college campus."

"When we arrived, early in the morning, my son felt nervous and tentative since he did not know what to expect. After spending the day in interesting conversations and interacting with the undergrads as well as other Splash participants, he walked away excited to share what he'd learned and looking forward to next year. From the session on cup stacking (he immediately ordered a set once we got home) to the lecture on the "Hero's Journey"(he still connects the hero's journey to topics we discuss on a day to day basis), Splash was not just a one-day event for us, but the start of his college experience."

"Splash was our daughter's first exposure to the wondrous world of university learning and campus life. Simply stepping into the classroom ignited her autonomy. In just one class the teacher saw and fed her hunger to dig deeper on a subject she was curious about. The immersion and class content was so inspiring that my daughter continued her exploration at home and wrote an eleven page paper about the subject matter! Splash opened a door in her love of learning and acted as a great incentive to apply those tools to her middle school classes."

"My child loves this program! She can select the topic she likes and enjoys the classes. Also gets to know more friends from other schools."

"My daughter has enjoyed attending Splash over the past two years, she has made new friends and has enjoyed learning and taking different classes as well as getting the opportunity to experience Yale University itself."

"Each one of my boys has taken a variety of classes over the years and the experience has been consistently positive. The instructors are dynamic and the topics are interesting. Once one of my son's chosen classes was cancelled and he was offered History of China, a topic he had not chosen and had no background in, but that turned out to be one of his all time favorite workshops."

"Splash is an amazing opportunity for kids to attend unusual courses in the setting of Yale. It gives them a chance to understand what college is like and inspires them to strive to achieve a higher education."

"My middle school son loves going to Splash. He has been to three and is excited about what he has done every time he comes home. I love that he gets to be on campus, learn from and interact with Yale students, and meet other kids who share similar interests. Thank you for giving him this fabulous opportunity to explore topics and ideas he wouldn't otherwise know about."

"Splash helped in understanding many upcoming initiatives in many fields of science, technology, mathematics, engineering, and even arts. It encourages young individuals to think at the college level."

"My daughter has attended Splash twice and enjoyed it so much the first time she brought a friend the second time! In the spring I'll be bringing a carload of 10th grade students to share the experience and they are all excited about it already!"

"I have had the privilege to attend at least 6 Yale Splash events. I can honestly say that the experiences that I had is memories that will be forever imbedded in me. My children get the exposure of college life, ivy league college life that we fuel their desire for higher learning. I have two daughters that have attended the Yale Splash programs. Though very different learners, they both benefited so much from the program. Our nervous overachiever has relaxed- she has more confidence in herself having seen and experienced the campus. Our smart and strong underachieving daughter now has goals and a new attitude at school. Such an inspiring program for two very different personalities. Thank you!!"

"My children attended the spring program last year and they totally enjoyed it, they are looking forward to this year."

"My eldest has attended twice and it's been a terrific experience. She has had the opportunity to expand her interest areas, connect with a wide range of students and get a feel for a dynamic campus and university. I love how much the program emphasizes the kids' independence and keeps parents from hovering. It's an amazing program."

"Splash is a wonderful way to expose a child to the world of fun and ideas that amazing Yale students come up with. It's a great way to meet not only Yale students but other kids that are interested in spending time learning. And Yale is a wonderful place to spend the day while waiting for your child - so much beauty and history and interesting people to meet."

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