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Major: Applied Math

College/Employer: Yale

Year of Graduation: 2020

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E3795: Keep Smiling! Lessons in Positivity in Sprout Fall 2019 (Sep. 28 - Oct. 12, 2019)
We will discuss different strategies for staying positive even when life gets you down. We will brainstorm healthy practices such as gratitude journaling, yoga and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

E3518: Keep Smiling! Lessons in Positivity in Sprout Spring 19 (Feb. 16 - Mar. 02, 2019)
Strategies for looking on the bright side, reducing stress and remaining optimistic. We will talk through different practices like thank you-note writing, positivity journaling and cognitive behavioral therapy that can increase the tranquility in your life. We will also have fun activities like yoga, dance and meditation. Growing up can be tough but with some reframing, you can make the most of it!