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MARIA KOZANECKA, Recent Yale grad, visual storyteller

Major: History of Art

College/Employer: Freelance writer / Part-time communications coordinator at AQUA Studio NY

Year of Graduation: 2014

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I love to tell visual stories about fashion, psychology and sustainability. I'm an Instagram and aqua-cycling enthusiast.

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A1584: pAtTeRn$ in Splash Spring 15 (Apr. 04, 2015)
Could understanding patterns of textiles help us understand the patterns and habits of our minds? Discover how traditional Scottish textiles are made as a way to explore the relationship between tradition and habit, acceptance of our past and our on-going negotiations with the future. Make your own patterns after! Some questions to inspire our conversations and hands-on pattern experiments: Are patterns inherently rigid, or is a familiarity comforting, can pattern (or habit, tradition) be grounding, liberating? Can it still be surprising? Is pattern (the uniformity of it, or its consistency) at odds with individuality? What dictates a pattern’s staying power? Why is it hard to break free of habits? When does a habit begin to feel oppressive, restrictive? How do we break free of such feelings in our everyday life, and what does that feel like? Could a person be part of someone else’s pattern? How do we invite others to join in a pattern (tradition, habit)? How do we adapt it or make it new for others?